I. V. Pokrovskaya, E. A. Sharkov

Tropical Cyclones and Tropical Disturbances of the World Ocean : Chronology and Evolution.
Version 2-1 ( 1983-2000)
Poligraph Publishing House, Moscow , 2001, 548 p.
ISBN 5-86388-010-7

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The acquisition data base of meteorological temporal data including systematic and chronologic cataloque for Global Tropical Cyclogenesis (on the whole of World Ocean's aquatorium) for 1983-1992 time interval is developed and based on personal computer IBM PC/AT.

These data are an excellent resource for study Global Climate Variabilities, solar-terrestrial interactions and physical foundations of generations of large-scale ecologically dangerous vortices.

The data base consists of the following units:

CAPABILITIES. This data base offers a unique opportunity to analyze macro- and synoptic-scale temporal features of global tropical cyclogenesis as indivisible physical process.

SOFTWARE. Software tools provide access, display and browse capabilities for all included data. A PC-AT compatible computer with an EGA or VGA display is required. All data are available on MS-DOS formatted diskette. The developed software can be used to estimate several statistical parameters for time series under study.

Catalogue of Tropical Cyclones and Tropical Disturbances of the World Ocean for 1983-1998

I. V. Pokrovskaya, E. A. Sharkov

Version 1.1

This book represents the most comprehensive and unconventional acquisition dataset of the chronological , geophysical and meteorological observation (by in-situ and by satellites ) data for the global tropical cyclogenesis in the World Ocean for 1983-1998. The principal feature of the book consists in the data description of the global tropical cyclogenesis and of regional cyclogenesises by unified approach proposed and developed by the authors. The book is divided into two parts. In the Part I the authors give description of up-to-date methods of data acquisition , systematisation, classification , gathering and storage for tropical disturbances . Design principals , structure and performance characteristics of given datasets and catalogues are reported. Part II ( in general consisted of tables ) consists in chronological catalogues of tropical cyclones for all active basins of the World Ocean . All catalogues are presented in strict temporal sequence. The presented comprehensive chronological dataset is a radically different kind from Website archives distributed world-wide with US mass-media and with WWW server in great depth and in extend of processing.

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