Space Research Institute (SRI)

National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan

SRI was organized in 1991. The director of the Institute is Sultangazin Umirzak Machmutovich, who are the full member of the Academy of Sciences, professor.

SRI consists of 12 laboratories which conduct investigations in two major directions: space-based monitoring of the state of atmosphere and Earth; space-based material science. There are 122 employes in the staff of the institute, 71 of them are scientific workers, 7 are professors and 30 PhD.

SRI participated in the development of the program of the flight of Kazakhstan cosmonauts including the orbital complex "Mir". SRI is the head organization which developed: avan-project of system of ecological and natural resources monitoring of the Kazakhstan's territory; program of "Scientific Base of Remote Sensing Modelling of Natural-Technogenic Systems; program of "Solid State Physics,Condenced Medium, New Technologies, Materials and Devices".

Scientific activity of SRI has international apprisal. International funds such as AID/CDR, CNES, INTAS, SOROS's give SRI financial support for realization of its scientific programs. During 3 years more then 100 articles and 6 monographs were published.

In the frames of scientific cooperationts the following works are worth mentioning. This is cooperations with National Centre of Cosmic Research (CNES), firm ISTAR (France), Kioto University, Ben-Gurior University (Izrael), Space Research Institute (Russia), SIA "Energia", Atmosphere Physics Institute (Russia).

At present SRI is equiped with expensive modern technique. It's a station of reception and processing of cosmic images from NOAA and Seasat satellites - "TELONICS" on PC AT 486. It's an equipment for image processing and creation of GIS - computer net: IEEE.802.3 ETHERNET (10 Tbase) SS 1000, SS 10, 5 Classic + 1 LX + 7 PC AT (PC NFS). It's a complete complex of equipment for metal-physical and material science experiments.

Shevchenko st. 15,
480021 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: (007)-(327-2)-61-58-53
Fax: (007)-(327-2)-49-43-55

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