Institute for Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy (IKFIA).


Government Affilation:
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Sibirian Department, Yakutsk Scientific Center
Directors: Germogen F. Krymsky, Director, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences
Evgeny G. Berezhko, Deputy Director
Vasily D. Sokolov, Deputy Director

The Institute was founded in 1962. The main scientific directions are physics and astrophysics of cosmic rays, physics of solar-terrestrial interactions, investigations of interplanetary and near-the-Earth space, physical processes in magnetosphere and ionosfhere of the Earth. The scientific library includes about 40000 printed issues and the archive of experimental data in the above fields, obtained by the Institute.

31 Lenin Avenue,
677891 Yakutsk Russia
Tel: 8-(411-22)-225-51
Fax: 7-(095)-230-2919 for IKFIA

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