The high resolution data receiving and processing system for the Earth surface and atmosphere monitoring.

The SCANOR system provides receiving and processing of the Earth-surface pictures made in visible and infra-red bands and transferred by satellites of the NOAA polar orbiter series (in the HRPT mode).
Full area of coverage is larger than the shown above and includes: east of Greenland and Spain to the west and south west, north of the Afric and the Red sea to the south and spreads beyond the North Pole. Click here for a sample image (370K of processed data). One can find more images here.

The SCANOR system includes the desktop receiving device connected to an IBM AT 386 type computer, and the parabolic antenna with the guiding mechanism.

The SCANOR system possesses the state-of-art software providing registration and processing of the received data.

The hardware of the system includes:

The SCANOR system software includes the following programs:

    PREDICT - Satellite orbit and antenna tracking data calculation.
    XV_TRACKER - Antenna control, data acquisition and real-time HRPT data calibration for the SCANOR hardware.
    XV_FRAME - Raw HRPT data processing: browsing, fragmentation, geo-location, storing to TDF format.
    XV_GEOREF - latellite imagery geo-location, transformation into standard mapping projections,overlaying mapping grid, overlaying coastal lines from CIA World Map
    XV_AVHRR - AVHRR instrument data processing.
    XV_SPEC - Spacial Fourier analysis of images.
    XV_MULTI - Segmentation and classification of multiband imagery.
    XV_IMAGE - Multi-purpose image processing for 8-bit images.

All the software works in Microsoft® Windows environment. The users deal with a program through the state-of-art and Windows-standard interface.

The software includes well-developed on-line Help that not only provides quick help during the work, but can also be used as a reference guide on satellite data processing. Due to this, even the user who is neither a professional programmer, nor an expert in satellite data receiving and processing can easily master working with the system.