"Pavodok" Project

Satellite observations of various regions of Russia and Ukraine during spring.

      Project goals:

      • observation of numerous regions during flood period;
      • reserach on opportunities of detecting areas of large floodings using meteorological satellite data;
      • detection of pollution areas;
      • testing techniques of automatic simultaneous monitoring of multiple regions ;
      • organization of instant access to acquired data for the Internet users.

      Observation period:

        1998: 12 March-31 May.
        1997: 15 March-31 May.
        1996: 22 March-31 May.

      Monitoring is performed using data from NOAA-12 and NOAA-14 polar orbiting satellites.

      The project is being developed by the Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (SMIS), Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAN).