Data organization and access.

  • Data types.
  • Filename conventions
  • Updates frequency
  • Access to data
  • Legal notice on data usage

    Data types.

    The following data types are used for storage of information relevant to the project:

    TDF - specialized format for storage of satellite data fragments (an extension to TIFF format). This format holds calibrated data of all bands of AVHRR instrument and all required information for geo-location of these data. The TDF data are fragments from the raw data (excerpts from Level 1B format data). To view TDF data the specialized viewer XV_VTDF is available at no charge.

    GIF, JPEG - standard image file formats. For each data fragment this formats hold image from Channel 4 of AVHRR radiometer. These formats are used to display latest imagery available for the regions of observation, and for quick-look (preview) images in data archive.

    TXT - ASCII files with brief program-generated annotation to data fragments.

    Filename conventions.

    Names for archive files are constructed as follows:



    x - index of satellite: x=3 stands for NOAA 12, x=4 for NOAA 14.

    kkkk - last 4 digits of satellite pass number.

    r - extension denoting data type.

    Updates frequency.

    Latest imagery on observation regions is being updated 2 to 6 times a day, depending on particular region's location and satellite passes schedule.

    Archive contents is updated once a day (weekdays only). Data archive is filled with those data files only, which contain observed regions not covered by clouds.

    Access to data.

    During the observation period (22 March till 31 May 1996) all users have free access to latest quick-look imagery and archives of raw data fragments.

    Upon individual agreements, various levels of thematic processing may be performed for the raw data (conversion into mapping projections, calculation of brightness/physical temperatures, vegetation index, classification, etc.). Both raw and processed data may be shipped on CD.

    For terms please e-mail your requests to:

    Legal notice on data usage.

    All data available within the Pavodok-96 project are copyright © Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (SMIS IKI RAN).

    Neither the data themselves nor any materials obtained with the use of these data can be used for commercial purposes and/or by any mass-media or public information system without prior writting permission from SMIS IKI RAN. Any use of these data must be explicitly accompanied by the reference to the Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (SMIS IKI RAN).

    Regarding the use of project data please send e-mail to